2015 Mathematics Olympiad and the participant

The Olympics are not only held in the field of sports. But the science field also holds competitions or competitions. For example, such as math olympiad which is an annual international event in the field of science. This Olympics is an annual math contest for students in school. The math Olympics were first held in 50’s. Then the next is always held every year. Each country will send their respective representatives in this math olympiad. One team consists of six people, and in it there are leaders with deputy leaders. Participants must be under 20 years of age and meet the requirements set by the mathematics olympiad committee.

2015 Mathematics Olympiad and the participant

Participants Become Champions of the 2015 Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematical Olympiad gathers outstanding students who are good at mathematics. Anyone can attend this Olympics, as long as students still meet the Olympic requirements. In the mathematics Olympiad there are several types of questions that must be done by the participants. The questions given are chosen from various fields of mathematics taught in secondary school. No high knowledge or short solutions are needed. But participants must have the skills and abilities in the field of mathematics. Only selected students from their respective schools can enter and take part in competitions in this math olympiad.

There are around 90 countries that participated in sending their team in this math olympiad. Each participating country, except the host, is allowed to submit a proposal to the question making committee. A few days before the race begins, the leader of the Olympic team will first come and choose which questions the team must do. The score obtained by the team is determined directly by the mathematics olympiad committee. Each country will have a coordinator and coordinator subject to the Chief Coordinator. Even so, all the decisions returned to the jury. The decision from the jury is also inviolable.

In the history of the Mathematics Olympiad competition, there were several names of participants who managed to accentuate themselves. For example, like Reid Barton from the United States who won gold medals four times (1998 – 2001). There is also Ciprian Manolescu who managed to write a paper perfectly. He did it in the third time he participated in an international math olympiad. Then Oleg Golberg from the United States also, he became the only participant in the history of the international math olympiad who won a gold medal for a different country in a different year. So in 2002 he won a medal for Russia, while in 2004 he won a medal for the US. In 2015 the international mathematics olympics were also held again and the participants who won were able to bring their country to life by bringing home the gold medal.

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