Background Story of International Mathematical Olympiad 2015

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2015 is one of the biggest mathematical competitions for students all around the world. This competition has one focus on mathematical subject, but the participants can choose particular branch of mathematics such as algebra or pre-calculus. Even if some schools do not provide that particular branch of mathematics, it is still subjects in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
– First IMO
IMO was hold for the first time in Romania and IMO is held annually since 1959. After years, the participants are more enthusiastic to join this biggest competition of mathematics. Therefore, the committee provides a bigger competition for all participants. There are some changes too.

  • Except 1980
    Even though IMO is held every year, the competition was canceled in 1980. In this year, the condition of the host country was not really good because of riots and political condition. Therefore, the committee decided to cancel IMO for 1980. After that year, IMO continued to facilitate participants from all around the world.
  • Eastern European Member
    In the beginning, IMO was founded only for Eastern European member. To be exact, it only allowed the Warsaw Pact member to join the competition.
  • Spread Across Nation
    After years of being a mathematical competition of Warsaw Pact’s member, now IMO is the competition for all countries. Every student who wants to join the competition is allowed to join and they can register their selves online every year.

Be one of the biggest Mathematical competition in the world makes IMO’s committee improving their selves and be better from year to year. Nowadays, IMO’s Advisory Board is chosen by the selection and they always come early before the students to prepare anything for the competition.

– Multiple Award for Students
To join IMO, there is no limitation of the award where all students can get multiple awards if he won in many subjects n IMO. This is still possible because the scoring process is always based on participants result without giving any limitation to their performance.

All problems from the previous year already uploaded to the official website. So, if the future participants want to access and get training from previous year problems, they can access it easily. They can even download it in multiple languages to make training process goes well.

After years, now the upcoming host country is allowed to submit new problems in the website. This is one of he advantage of being a host country for IMO. Each participant also agree that the deputy and chairperson of the year take from the recent host country for International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

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