Get to know the history of the world's Olympics and the most unique Olympics

Get to know the history of the world’s Olympics and the most unique Olympics

After the 2020 Tokyo Olympics attracted the attention of many people, now is the time to explore the history of the Olympics from time to time. Are you curious about when the Olympics were held? This article will specifically summarize the history of the world Olympics from time to time, let’s see in full:

  1. It’s been around since Ancient Greek civilization
    Based on historical records, the year 776 BC was the first year the Olympics were held. At that time there were not many Olympic branches contested, only running, wrestling, chariot racing, self-defense, long jump, javelin throwing, and discus.
    In the past, the Olympics could only be participated by free men (not slaves) and fluent in Greek. At that time, women were not allowed to take part in the Olympics, because of the growing stigma at that time that women were only in charge of taking care of the household.
    Organizing the first world Olympics requires participants to be naked. This was done because the Greek weather at that time was very hot. And participants were asked to smear the body with olive oil, so that the skin moisture is maintained and gives a smooth and muscular effect.
  2. Held every 4 years
    The world Olympics are held every 4 years, marked by a ceasefire to ensure the participants are safe until their return. Organizing the Olympics began to decline when Greece fell to the Romans and officially stopped in 393 AD. The suspension was made when the emperor Theodosius forbade the holding of the Olympics, because it was considered a form of idolatry.
    The Olympics came back to life in 1894 when the International Olympic Committee was formed. Athens became the first place for the Olympics to be revived in a long time. The Olympics was held in 1896 and was attended by 14 countries.
    In the past, the venue for the Olympics was always in the same place. However, since 1994 the Olympics have been held in a different city every 4 years. Like last year’s Olympics were held in Tokyo Japan (2020), and the next Summer Olympics will be held in Beijing China (2022).
  3. Prize winners
    The prize for the winner of the world olympics was in the form of a circular crown made of olive tree trunks. While the current Olympics will give medals to the winner.
    That’s a brief history summary of the world olympics that is important for you to know. As time progressed, the Olympic branches that were contested became more and more diverse. Here are some of the most unique Olympic events ever:
  4. Roque
    For people outside the United States, it may be foreign to hear this one branch of the Olympics. Roque became a branch that was contested during the 1904 Olympics and was only followed by United States athletes. Of course this caused controversy, many thought that the host country only wanted to add medals.
  5. Shooting pigeons
    During the 1900 Paris Olympics, there was one sport that was controversial, namely shooting pigeons. This branch of the Olympics turned out to be terrible, because at least 300 pigeons were killed. Many animal rights activists oppose this sport, because it is considered a form of animal abuse. Therefore, at the next Olympics, live pigeons were replaced with clay pigeons.
    Those are some of the most unique and controversial branches of the Olympics in their time. As time goes by, the Olympics are getting more modern and equipped with the best facilities. Even the number of participants and branches being contested is also increasing. Like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there are at least 5 new branches being contested.