History and the start of Mathematics Olympiad

The Mathematics Olympiad is an international competition for talented students in this one science field. The Olympics are held annually and are attended by students who are still studying in secondary schools. In the field of science, the mathematics olympiad which is held on an international scale is one of the oldest competitions. This international math Olympics was first held in 1950’s. Then after being held in the first year, the math olympiad is held every year. Every country that becomes a participant will send their best students to become representatives. In one team there were six students.

History of the Mathematics Olympiad

The first math Olympics was held in 1950. Since its first year, the Olympics has become a mandatory annual agenda. Except in 1980, where in that year there was no mathematics olympiad. Even in the 2000s, the mathematics olympiad was still a prestigious competition in the field of science that was always awaited. The main requirement for participants is to be under 20 years old. As long as students meet Olympic requirements, they are allowed to register as participants. There are several types of questions given to participants in the Olympics. These chosen questions usually come from various fields of middle school mathematics.

Around 90 countries participate in international math olympiad each year. According to custom, each participating country may submit a proposal to the question making committee. Especially for hosts it is not allowed to contribute questions. The participants who become the chairman will choose the questions that have been made later for their team to do. These questions also have their respective score scores. This score is determined directly by the mathematics olympiad committee. Each participating country in this international math olympiad has a coordinator. Where this coordinator is under the Chief Coordinator. But each decision will return to the jury, and all decisions made by the jury cannot be contested.

Later each participant in the mathematics olympiad will get their respective ranks. The total number of medals awarded usually does not exceed half of the total number of contestants. Therefore, the number of gold, silver, bronze medals is chosen using a ratio. But in the mathematics Olympiad there is also a category of participants who deserve to be praised, even though they have not won a medal. Some prizes were also prepared for participants who were able to solve the problem well. If fraud occurs, the jury will decide the consequences for the country that committed the act. But in history, North Korea cheated in 1991 and was immediately disqualified from the race.

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