International Mathematical Olympiad 2015 Results

International Mathematical Olympiad 2015 Results – International Mathematical OIympiad (IMO) is considered the most prestigious Olympics in math. It is designed for pre-college student teams (under age 20) with improved questions throughout the years. Most participants ended up growing as world-class mathematicians. As the result, the 2015 Olympics was very competitive.

• About IMO
IMO or International Mathematical Olympiad is the biggest math Olympics that existed today. It had been held since 1959 and continued annually ever since with exception of 1980. The venue for this competition changes from time to time. So just as those online gambling tournaments and games, change from how it play and the rules.

For one, the first olympiad was held in Romania and since then changed venues from one country to another. Every participating country must send six representatives (which must be under 20, mostly high school students), one leader, one deputy leader, and several observers. Any cheating country will be disqualified immediately – historically, it only happened in 1991 and 2010 by North Korea.

As for the problems, IMO mixed theorems that require extensive knowledge but still based on basic math such as functional equations, projective and complex geometry, combinatorics, and well-grounded number theory. Opposing common expectation, calculus was not included in their problem standards in order to push participants to solve the problems as original as possible.

• IMO 2015
In 2015, it was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on July 4-5. The 2015 olympiad was attended by 104 countries worldwide. During the days of the event, participants were told to solve three problems per day in four and a half hours. Each problem worth seven points, making the the total perfect score 42. As the traditional rule dictates, no calculator is allowed and the participants must work individually. Overall scores of each country will be given after summing the scores of their representatives, which are announced at the end of the last day.

• Results
The United States won first place with the total score 185. After US, China closely followed with the total score 181. In the third place was South Korea with the total score 161. This year, there are no teams that collectively won gold. Otherwise, 2015 marks the development of US’ math Olympians, as they have shown better progress in the following years. For one, US won collective gold right in the next year, 2016.

Since firstly held in 1959, IMO continuously grow both in participating countries and difficulties of the tests. This particular year took the participants two days to solve six questions. As the result, US came first, followed by China and South Korea.

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