International Mathematical Olympiad Awards and Penalties

International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as one of the biggest Mathematic Competition in the world has a high standard for scoring, and also has several rules of penalties for all participants. Basically, the entire subject in this competition required high knowledge to solve. On the other hand, the problems are also changed and refreshed by the expert each year. It requires the participant to be able to solve different problems in this competition. And what is about the award and also penalties in this International competition?

1. High Mathematics Analysis
In this competition, all participants must get the highest score to be the winner. This is actually the usual system in all competitions. These scores are derived from all subjects that they join. Each year, the committee has already chosen new problem from several subjects of mathematics.
– Six Problems
To get the score, participants can join six subjects in this competition. Each subject is worth seven score at maximum. During the competition, participants are not allowed to use calculator. Calculator is considered cheating in this competition just as working in team while playing online poker in is considered cheating.

– Two Days
To get the total score, participants should join two days of examination. During these two days, committee will gather the score from each participant and announce it in the end of the competition.

– For and a Half Hour
In each stage of competition, participants must solve mathematics problems in 4 and a half hour at maximum. The primary problems are taken from secondary school and take from some subjects such as geometry, calculus, algebra, and also combination.
All that subjects requires high analysis skill and requires all participants to be focused on each subject on every stage. Sometimes the solutions also come from the combination of problem solving, but it still challenging for all participants.

2. Penalties
As one of the biggest mathematics competition, IMO requires all participant to play fair in the whole process of competition. They have to work individually and never cheat. During the process of competition, there are several problems appeared in the competition, and made some countries were disqualified from the competition.

North Korea were disqualified from the competition twice because the participants cheated during the competition. International Mathematical Olympiad’s Committee applied zero tolerance for all cheater in this competition. Until now, they still apply the same rules of the competition.

But as the reward, if the participants get more than 7 points, participants will still get their names mentioned, even when they are not the real winner, but they will find their names mentioned during the winner announcement. His is one of the reward for all participants in International Mathematical Olympiad (iMO)

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