Knowing More About International Mathematics Olympiad 2015

Knowing More About International Mathematics Olympiad 2015 – The International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO 2015 is one of the largest mathematics competition. It has a very high standard in the scoring system. In addition, it also applies some penalties rules for the participants. This mathematic competition requires a high thinking level to solve the problems. The questions of the competition are made by the expert and changed in every year. In this competition, the participants will require to solve the problems of the six subjects. Each subject will give the maximum score to the participants. However, there are several rules that should be obeyed by the participants such as no cheating, no calculator, and others. In order to obtain the highest score, the participant needs to attend the examination for about two days. Then, the score will be calculated by the committee. It will be announced at the end of the competition. How about the time for solving the examination? Well, the participants are required to solve the problem within four and a half hours. The problems need to be solved with the high analysis skill. The materials of the examination are related to the subjects of secondary school grade such as calculus, algebra, geometry, and others.

In order to join this competition, each country can send one team that consists of six people. In addition, there is a rule that the participants should be under 20 years. Therefore, it should be confirmed that the participants are eligible to join this competition. In a team, they need to choose one leader and one deputy leader. What is the role of the leader and deputy leader? Well, the leader needs to choose the questions that should be solved by their team. Then, the leader and deputy leader will submit the answer to the committee. The score will be determined by the committee and the decision of the committee is the final decision. In this competition, around 90 countries can join the competition. They are also allowed to contribute to the making of the question except for the host country. Yes, the host country is not able to contribute to the making of questions.

The International Mathematics Olympiad 2015 was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was held on July 14 – July 16. In this competition, the number of participating countries and participants are 104 and 577. Meanwhile, the winner of the 56th IMO 2015 is the United States of America. They achieved 5 gold and 1 silver medal in this competition.

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