No Parade for US Winners in IMO 2015

No Parade for US Winners in IMO 2015 – When we heard about the Olympics, sports are usually the stuff that comes to mind. After all, sports competitions are more hyped and celebrated compared to their academic counterparts. This condition is certainly true for America, as their International Mathematical Olympiad was not celebrated back home.

• US in IMO 2015
2015 is the start of US’ climb to the top in math Olympics. Though the United States is listed as one of the frequent winners in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), they actually only win around once a decade – just below China and Russia who are neck by neck for gold almost every year. This may explain why these Chinese and Russians are great at online games as ones available in

Therefore, despite being in third place overall, US is not expected as one of the best in the Olympiad. However, 2015 changes their track record. After a few decades without gold, 2015 became the first year America was able to win overall gold in IMO.

Though the scoring are quite closely to China, the strongest contender, it was still a big feat considering that Russia wasn’t near the gold and the bronze winner was South Korea, who achieved it with quite the gap from China. To be precise, America won with the total score 185, China with 181, and South Korea 161.

• Compared To Hockey, Yet Not Hyped As Much
This achievement was covered in some American and international media. It even got compared to the legendary ‘Miracle on Ice’ as achieved by The US Hockey Team in 1980. That being said, the hype only goes within the news circle and never reach the general public’s heart. It is quite saddening especially when we consider the overall performance improvement of American students. Quoted from The Atlantic, the national average of students in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Minnesota are almost in par with famous academic powerhouses like Japan and Finland. Surely, the change started small, but the evidence has proven that America’s academic prowess is not as bad as it is often told.

• Will They Continue Their Performance?
Though their achievement is not well known, the math olympiad team didn’t stop at another ‘once in a blue moon’ gold. In fact, the American team continued to improve in the following year. In fact, the US won more gold in 2016, 2018, and 2019 with full-team gold achievement in both 2016 and 2019.

Not just America, most countries don’t celebrate their academic champions despite their real efforts and impacts on education progress. It’s something unfortunate especially when they continuously win the competition themselves. Will there come a day when academic champions are hyped just as much as athletes?

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