Selection Process of International Mathematical Olympiad

Selection Process of International Mathematical Olympiad – International Mathematical Olympiad that held every year is being a goal for some students. To join this biggest mathematic competition in the world, students have to go to multiple selections in their origin country before they go to International Mathematical Olympiad.

IMO itself provided problems every year that already are uploaded in the website. This website reaches more mathematics enthusiasts in a way reaches more online gambling players from around the world. These new mathematics problems can help the participants to prepare for the competition. From the problems itself, they can see many kinds of question from each subject.

– Science Camp for Selection
In some countries, the selection process for students to join International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is very tight. Each country has its own requirements for students to join IMO, but still they will conduct multiple selection process for this event.

  • Science Camp in China
    In China, students who want to join IMO should join in Science Camp first.. In this science camp, they have to get through some selection process together with other participants. More than just a camp, this science camp required participants to solve some mathematics problems and also doing another activities together with other participants. During the process, committee will choose and select participants who can join IMO in that year. This kind of selection also held in some countries who have many participants who want to join in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
  • Individual Test
    Another kind of IMO’s selection process is by joining individual test. Participants who want to join this international event can register their selves and go to individual selection of International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). This process is much simpler than science camp in China, because it does not require the students to join certain science camp for the selection process. They only need to go to individual selection process which has the same difficulties as IMO itself.
Selection Process of International Mathematical Olympiad

– Preparing Students since Elementary School
Some country has another way to prepare the students to join this biggest International event of Mathematic. They have already prepared the students from elementary level to join the Olympiad. This is one of the long ways of selection, because students who want to join International event of mathematic must be ready since they are very little.

In other words, they must learn the material of Mathematical Olympiad step by step since elementary level. In the right time, they will be sent to Interntsional Mathematical event and bet he participants there. During the training process, participants will be given problems from IMO so they have prepared for each problem that might appear in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

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