The 56th International Mathematics Olympiad 2015

The 56th International Mathematics Olympiad 2015 – The 56th International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2015 was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This competition was held on July 14 – July 16. There are 104 countries as the participants with the 577 students. It’s not surprising to see the huge number of participants since the IMO is one of the biggest mathematics competitions all around the world. In this competition, The United States of America (USA) became the champion with achieving 5 gold and 1 silver medals. It’s a big domination by the USA in this competition. Meanwhile, the People’s Republic of China finished in second place with 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals. The Republic of Korea finished in the third place with 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

In order to join the International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO, the students need to attend the selection process. Well, each country has its own regulations. However, generally, the selection process is very tight since it’s a part of the international competition that will show the mathematics skill of each country. For example, the students in China will join the science camp. In this campy, they need to pass some selection process. They will be required to solve some mathematics problems. They also need to do some activities with other participants. The students that can show excellent performance will be chosen as the country representative in the IMO. Well, some other countries also have the same system by conducting the Science camp as a part of the selection. On the other hand, other countries have a different system. They may the individual test for selecting the candidates of IMO. Generally, the individual test is simples that Science camp. In this selection, the students will be required to solve some mathematical problems that have the same level as the IMO.

On the other hand, some other countries have different methods. The selection process of IMO is not conducted when the students are in high school. But, they will start the selection process since the students are in elementary school. They will prepare some programs for the students who want to join the IMO. Then, the students will follow the step by step in order to get ready for joining the IMO. It’s a long process to be selected as the IMO’s participant. However, by learning with the process, the students will be more ready to join the IMO.

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