The Amazing Records in International Mathematical Olympiad

International Mathematical Olympiad has been known as one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. That is because math is not something easy to master and only the selected students who are able to represent their nation to this international event. Even though this event is quite prestigious, it turned out that there are the more prestigious things that you can find on this International Mathematical Olympiad event. They are the records that you can find on this event. Here are some of those amazing records that might be a bit hard to break even in the next few years.

The first one is the perfect score record. This one is something totally amazing because receiving the golden medal is totally different from getting the perfect score of being the best of the best. For your information, the only one who has this record is Ciprian Manolescu, one of the students from the Romanian team. He won the golden medals with the perfect score from 1995 to 1997. Those times were the golden time of this Romanian students who made a record that is still unbreakable until this time. The next one is the highest team scoring record. This one is totally determined by the quality of the team that enters the International Mathematical Olympiad event. For this record, China is leading on the record with the total number of 19 times becoming the team with the highest team scoring. For your information, the second position is taken by Soviet Union with the total of 14 times. That means even though Soviet Union is able to reach the highest team scoring on the next International Mathematical Olympiad events, they still need at least five more years to break the record.

The Amazing Records in International Mathematical OlympiadThe last one is the full gold medal achievers. This is something that you can only earn if all of the members of the team are able to get the golden medals by getting the specific minimum scoring. On this category, China is still becoming the number one on the record with the total of 11 times to win the golden medals by all of the members. This one is totally hard to beat because the nearest competitor is United States with the total of only three times winning golden medals by all of the members. Unfortunately, even though the China team members are quite good, the individuals are not good enough to beat the record of Ciprian Manolescu.

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