The Best Kids in International Mathematical Olympiad

Many people have agreed that math is not something easy to master. However, there are quite a lot of kids with the great talent in math joining the International Mathematical Olympiad every single year. This prestigious event can be considered as the main event to show the world that all of those students are some of the best in this kind of subject. However, among all of those students who participated on the International Mathematical Olympiad event, there are some names that are quite famous because of the great achievements that they have on this International Mathematical Olympiad event. If you are interested to know, here are some of those best kids on the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Teodor von BurgThe first one is Zhuo Qun Song or Alex. He comes as one of the participants from the Canadian team and he had joined the International Mathematical Olympiad since 2011. That was the first time he joined the team, but on the same time he earned his first medal. Even though it was bronze, he never gave up and that struggle resulted on the golden medal for the next five years in a row, from 2011 to 2015. The second one is Teodor von Burg. He is one of the members of the Serbian team since 2007 2012. Even though his achievements on the International Mathematical Olympiad are not on listed as the best, he always earns the medal for every time he entered this competition. He was quite similar with Alex because on the first time he entered the International Mathematical Olympiad, he earned his first bronze medal. The next year, he earned the silver medal and three gold medals in a row. That is one thing that you should not forget from him.

Iurie BoreicoThe last but not least you can find the name of Iurie Boreico who entered the International Mathematical Olympiad with the Moldovan team from 2003 to 2007. Judging from his experience in this greatest math competition in the world, he was quite stable because he earned his first silver medal in 2003, three gold medals in 2004 to 2006 and finishing with the silver medal in 2007. However, one thing that made him quite special is the fact the he had the perfect score for two years in a row, which is quite rare to happen on the modern time of the International Mathematical Olympiad because of the increasing difficulties on the problems.

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