The Importance of Mathematics Olympiad

In the field of science such as mathematics, there are also competitions such as the Olympics which are held annually. His name is an international math olympiad. This race is proof of who is the best in the field of mathematics. The math Olympiad itself was first held in the year 50’s. Then in the following years, this competition was always held and became an annual routine agenda.

Participants come from countries around the world. Each of these countries will surely send their best representatives in this math olympiad. One team consists of six people, and in it there is a chairman with a vice chairman. Participants sent by their country are high school students under the age of 20 years and have met the requirements set by the mathematics olympiad committee.

Reasons Why Math Olympics Are Very Important

Many are wondering why there should be a math olympiad. The math Olympiad is held not only as a competition. This international event is a proof for countries around the world about who is the best in the world of mathematics. Because in mathematics Olympiad, there are several types of questions that must be done by the participants.

The questions given are a collection of various branches of the field of mathematics that are taught in secondary schools. Not participants with high knowledge and the best solutions sought, but participants who are indeed capable and able to work on math problems.

Of course this international math olympics event is also a place to make friendship with the participating countries. Because there are around 90 countries that always send teams every year in this math olympiad. Usually the chairman of each team will come first to choose the type of problem the team must do.

Ciprian ManolescuThe questions provided have a score that is determined directly by the mathematics olympiad committee. Each country also has a coordinator, where the coordinator will submit to the Chief Coordinator. But all decisions related to the race returned to the jury.

According to the mathematics olympiad has succeeded in printing talented students in the field of science. Evidenced by them succeeded in becoming champions in this international event. For example, like Reid Barton from the United States who won four gold medals (1998 – 2001). There is also Ciprian Manolescu who succeeded and was able to write papers perfectly in this math olympics event.

And there are still many talented students in the field of mathematics who managed to get out as winners in this event. Surely losing the win is a back affair for the lovers of this math olympiad. Surely the participants can get as much experience as possible when participating in this international mathematics Olympiad.

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