The Simple Scoring for the Difficult Problems in International Mathematical Olympiad

Many people might think that the International Mathematical Olympiad is something totally complicated because it is an international event and because it is the real mathematic. If you are also one of those people who have the same thought, you need to know that actually the system for the competition is quite simple. It is like a Royal Rumble where all of the participants from many countries are competing one another to claim the best based on the scoring that they earn. If you are interested in knowing more about the system, you might want to know some of these things first.

It is true that the problems are totally difficult to answer, but that does not mean that the material is the hardest of all. That is because even though the problems are hard to solve, the materials for the problems are just about the basics of algebra, number theory, combinatoric and also geometry. As an addition to that, there are only six problems that all of the participants have to answer correctly on this International Mathematical Olympiad event. However, all of the problems are the selected problems that have been submitted earlier from all of the countries who participate the International Mathematical Olympiad event, except for the host of the International Mathematical Olympiad. From all of those problems that have been submitted, only six of them will be chosen to be given on the test for all of the International Mathematical Olympiad participants. That one is quite simple system actually.

The Simple Scoring for the Difficult Problems in International Mathematical OlympiadTo determine the winner of the competition, it is also something quite simple. That is because all of those problems have the exact scoring of seven so that if you are able to answer all of the problems correctly, you will have the perfect total score of 42 points. However, your answer alone will not make those points because the calculation steps are also the things that the committee will consider so that you can get seven points from each of the problems that you solved. For the medal system, you just need to pass some specific numbers to get the bronze, silver, or the golden medal. That means you need to simply earn those points to get the medal that you want. This is one reason why you can simply find up to 50 students who earned the golden medal during the International Mathematical Olympiad events that happened in the past.

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