Unique Facts About the Impressive Country of Italy

Unique Facts About the Impressive Country of Italy

Italy is a country located on the European continent. To the east the country is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, to the south by the Ionian Sea, to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and to the north by Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France. While the astronomical location is between 6BT-19BT and 35LU-47LU.

Rome is the capital of Italy which has many magnificent buildings and other historical treasures. Uniquely, the map of the country resembles a Boot. The Italian name did not just appear, its history comes from the Vitali tribe which in another language means a 1 year old calf. Which was later legalized as Italy. And the country also has some impressive unique facts. What’s the review like? Immediately check some of the following information.

Italy Flag By Pizza Color
Italy is very famous for pizza as its main specialty. The food first appeared in Naples. The years passed, until finally several countries began to offer these foods into their main restaurant menus. But it’s not pizza that is the general view, but the colors of the country’s flag. Italians claim that the Green, White and Red symbols are based on the colors of Pizza. In a sense, Green represents a hope, while White represents a form of belief and Red describes the level of generosity.

Many Have World Historic Sites
Italy has many historical sites in the world. It is known that UNESCO believes that the ancient roman buildings in the country have a thick history of colonial times and other activities. Interestingly, UNESCO underlines that Italy is a country with a famous cultural heritage because it has more than 55 sites. It is evident that historical sites that are still remembered today are the Piazza del Duomo, the Vatican Museums, the Tower of Pisa, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and others. Many cities in Italy often advance the nation by creating a number of historical sites, one of which is the capital city of Rome.

The Most Arrogant Mafia World
Everyone knows that Italy is the world’s most arrogant mafia. Every corner of the city gave birth to the famous and most feared gangsters in other countries. In addition to being tasked with carrying out criminal acts against foreign tourists, they also often become the online gambling mafia. As happened on the world football stage. Italy often won prestigious titles for the hard work of the mafia. And most recently, they won EURO 2020 despite having to travel to England. Interestingly, the mafia also contributed a few percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the state.

Laws That Are Known to be Weird
Case law in Italy is not as violent as other countries. That’s because the country of Boots has laws that are known to be eccentric. In fact, women are not allowed to wear skirts or hot pans in public. The suspect will be immediately imprisoned without going through a trial process. Happened in Milan, every resident must smile when they pass. But they should not look happy when visiting a cemetery or hospital. Another law is not to die in the city of Falciano del Massico. Because the area does not have room for corpses.

The Most Prosperous Charity
While other countries have charities under investors, Italy has the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain located in Trevi, Rome, Italy is a work of art created by Nicola Salvi since 1762. The fact that has happened is that there is a coin tossing procession. Every visitor is free to perform the ritual. Interestingly, the number of coins reaching billions of dollars collected every year will be directly donated to charities.