Improve WhatsApp Security, Users Must Install AppLock

Improve WhatsApp Security, Users Must Install AppLock

Improve WhatsApp Security, Users Must Install AppLock – WhatsApp is an application that is very important to run everything related to business, work, school and others. It is known that every HP user must have this application to always connect with others. Because they really feel comfortable when using it. In just a matter of seconds, written messages to videos that are launched will immediately arrive.

With a stable and smooth internet network, various information that is confidential to the public can be digested by other parties. But lately there have been rampant frauds, acts of fraud and other things that harm users. So a more extra level of security is needed to keep messages private.

  • About Security App For WhatsApp

Imo2015 – Every cellphone must have its own security features. However, this feature is limited to private keys that can be hacked by other users. Especially when the cellphone is lost, then doing a reset, the specified lock pattern is useless normally. However, this does not apply to the security application for WhatsApp. Call it AppLock, this one application cannot be opened unless the users themselves open it.

Later users will be connected to the internet network and asked for email information and so on for double security. Even though the cellphone is lost, doing a Flash or Factory Reset is very useless. So that the personal data on WhatsApp remains safe.

Users only need to carry out the AppLock installation process according to the applicable recommendations. It is recommended that they attach valid data to facilitate the installation process. The required PIN and Password must also be unique. If possible use the most difficult code that no one else can remember.

  • AppLock Application Installation

Now the AppLock application is already in the Play Store or App Store. So the use of WhatsApp can directly download the application for free. SpSoft has had the best reviews since it first launched AppLock. So far, there have been no complaints from various users. Because they are very satisfied with the features that have been offered.

Simply type the name “AppLock” in the App Store or Play Store menu, then the application will immediately appear on the first order. Then the use of just promising the installation process until it is complete. Later, several key options will appear when using it.

  • Starting the AppLock App

After the AppLock application is installed according to the procedure, the user just has to start using it on WhatsApp. Not only WhatsApp can be locked, all other applications that are considered important can also get a level of security.

Later there will be a permission request that requires the user to activate the permissions through the settings menu. After all is done, the user simply returns to the application to lock a number of important applications. Later when the user opens the WhatsApp application, a security pattern will appear. Where it depends on the code that has been created by the users.

  • Combination Pattern Lock

WhatsApp and AppLock users are very important to know the pattern lock combination. It has been mentioned above that the formation of the key code must be unique and difficult. Because it still maintains privacy to stay comfortable when doing work, school and other activities.

This is very helpful for all WhatsApp users, especially those who are busy betting online slots. Of course, bad things that have happened before will never happen again since using the AppLock application.