Some New Changes Offered by Windows 11 You Casino Games Player Have to Know

Some New Changes Offered by Windows 11 You Casino Games Player Have to Know

Some New Changes Offered by Windows 11 You Casino Games Player Have to Know – Some days ago, Windows introduced the latest version of Windows 11. It will replace Windows 10 that already serves for some years until now. Since it is going to become newest version of operating system, Windows brings many new features for the users. It is not just simple updates as what are found in the regular updates. There are some major changes provided by the Windows for the new version. Moreover, it is said that the new Operating System will be available for free for those who have licensed version of Windows 10. However, it still needs further confirmation since it is still not fully available and Windows has just only introduced it and its features.

Imo2015 – As for the features, it is true that there are some changes just like there some changes of playing CASINO GAMES. One of them is the inexistence of Cortana in the new operating system. In fact, it does not mean that Cortana is kicked out in the new operating system. However, it no longer can be found in the taskbar and also the search function of Windows..Meanwhile, the function does not get many changes. Even, there are rumors saying that users need to download and install Cortana first when they want to use it. It may become major change and even disadvantage for those who usually use COrtana, but it may not have drastic impact on those who never use it.

Then, next feature is about the Internet Explorer. In fact, this default browser of Windows has already been replaced by Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10. However, the app of Internet Explore is still available in the installer package of Windows 10. In the new Windows 11, there will be no Internet Explore and there will be no installer in the package of this new operating system. Even, the new version of Internet Explore 11 will not be available anymore in 15 June 2022 and Windows will no longer provide updates for the browser.

Another change is made on the appearance of Lock Screen. In Windows 11, there is no Quick Status. Some users use the Quick Status as the way to see some kinds of information without logging in to the Windows. They are able to see calendar and schedules only from the Quick Status. Unfortunately, it will disappear in Windows 11. As its change, Windows 11 brings widgets as the options to show the information needed by the users. The widgets will have function likes widgets in smart devices where each of them can show information from certain chosen apps in the PC. However, widgets will not appear in the lock screen so users still need to log in to see the contents in the widgets.

Those are some changes offered in the Windows 11. There are also rumors saying that later Android-based apps can be opened in the Windows 11. Some selected apps are accessible in the Windows 11 without using any emulators. However, these are still rumors and there is still no news regarding types of apps that can be opened. Of course, things will be clear once Windows officially launch the products and the updates to all users who currently use Windows 10.