Utilizing Technology, Rows of Companies Launch Corona Virus Tracker Applications

Utilizing Technology, Rows of Companies Launch Corona Virus Tracker Applications

Online gambling game activities are increasing day by day, of course, this triggers the development of the corona virus that never ends. The whole world also had collapsed because of the initial appearance of the deadly underworld. Recently, the Trace Together application from Singapore has successfully tracked health. But now, a row of the world’s largest companies are developing new applications to detect the condition of COVID-19.
As reported by HarapanRakyat.com, Indonesia is still struggling to eradicate the corona virus. It is proven that until now the government has implemented the PPKM program which runs up to level 4. And reportedly the program will be extended until August 9, 2021.

Seeing these conditions, the companies Google and Apple are working together to launch a corona virus tracking application. The goal is that users can take care of themselves whether they are infected with a virus or a common disease. And here is the launch of the application that they have successfully developed.

Trace Together
Trace Together is a product of a Singaporean company. This application is very good at identifying all residents who are believed to be infected with the corona virus. The way the application works is very easy and simple. Where the performance only connects a Bluetooth signal which is a maximum of 2 meters from the user. Later this application will detect and see the state of a person’s body. When the target is really exposed to the corona virus, the data obtained is automatically connected directly to the government. So that the silver on duty will immediately go to the location.

Home Quarantine
Unlike Trace Together, Home Quarantine is a corona virus tracking application that emerged from Poland. The way the application works is only to ensure that its citizens do not carry out activities outside the home or carry out quarantine periods for a maximum of 14 days. The way to run the application is that patients infected with the corona virus only need to send selfies according to applicable procedures. Later the government will immediately create personal accounts for patients who are confirmed to be carrying out the quarantine process.

Covid Symptom Tracker
This Covid Symptom Tracker was created by Guy and St Thomas and King’s College Hospital in London. Research experts have succeeded in taking advantage of the era of technology and communication to find out ZOE health data which can later have a positive impact on everyone. Uniquely, the application is very capable of knowing the data on the spread of the corona virus on a small to large scale. Where the way it works is that users of the application only need to report their health condition for no less than 5 minutes every day.

CareLindung is a tracking application that was successfully published by Indonesia. Although the appearance of this application was not long, its users have exceeded the target standard because the work process is quite efficient and easy. Its performance only requires users to deposit location data wherever they are, especially when they are going to travel far out of town. They will see some points that should not be crossed and will have to take another direction. Interestingly, this application can be downloaded for free.

Close Contact Detector
And Close Contact Detector is a new breakthrough from China. The local government has entered into a cooperative relationship with the CTEC company to monitor the development and spread of the corona virus. Later CTEC will utilize a number of user data and local residents to carry out tracking. On the other hand, China also believes that the application is also able to show the physical condition of each user whether they are infected with COVID-19 or not. Because the data they share is adjusted to the reports from the vaccination results.